The Shore Foundation is now known as… Shift2

At Shift2 we are the connection point between companies that want to find a second home for their used computers, and the community members who can use that technology to support a strong future.

We highlight what technology can do when it shifts from being an internal corporate computer to being in the hands of its next owner.

50 laptops from a boutique clothing store can inspire the next generation of fashion designers.
10 desktops from a travel agency could encourage a classroom of students to explore the world.
20 tablets used by a yoga studio now connect seniors with healthy activities and video calls with family.

Smart companies understand it is important to use new technology to help their workers succeed in their jobs.

But they also know that the older technology can still be useful to inspire the employees and entrepreneurs of the future.

Business computer donation form

Non-profit computer requests

About our organization name Shift2:

A shift refers to a change in purpose, or an elevation.
Two (2) embodies the idea of second chances, not just for our devices but for the person who receives them.

When put together Shift + 2 creates the “@” symbol, the premier icon for linking together in our modern world.
Shift2 implies there is second direction for devices to make an impact and is the ultimate symbolism for connection.

What is the mission of Shift2?

Shift2 (Formerly known as The Shore Foundation) is a non-profit organization with a mission to maximize the usefulness of existing technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives, the community and the environment.

Explain what you do at Shift2.

At Shift2 we receive, refurbish and repurpose previously-used corporate or business technology/devices (primarily laptops, desktops and tablets). Then we partner with schools and non-profit organizations to get that quality-tested technology into the hands of people and organizations that need it.

Any device that doesn’t meet the quality levels to redistribute, is either used for parts whenever possible or is responsibly recycled down to it’s base materials/metals (plastic, aluminum, steel, copper wires, circuit boards…)

Why do you only accept computer donations from businesses or corporations?

Most businesses regularly update their employees’ computers within a span of 3 to 5 years. Depending on the company’s size, this can lead to significant volumes of identical computer makes and models. When Shift2 receives a large quantity of the same type of computers it expedites our data wiping process because we can work on all these devices without needing to switch between different charger types or change power cords.

Also, having a higher quantity of identical computer models ensures fairness when distributing larger quantities of computers to our non-profit recipients. This way, each person can benefit from receiving the same standardized computer model, whether it’s 50, 100, or even 150 units for a single organization.

Can any size companies from any industry contribute used computers donations to Shift2?

Almost ALL businesses today, regardless of size or industry, require computers to operate. At Shift2 we have existing donor relationships with companies that range from the small, local advertising agency all the way to a large food company with over 100,000 employees.

Regardless of your specific industry, if you use computers to operate your business, and you routinely refresh those internal devices, we’d love to talk about how your computers can shift from being essential to your business success to providing the potential for future success of someone in the community.

Where is Shift2 located?

Both our warehouse and office operations are located in Rochester, NY

I’m involved with a non-profit/school/charitable cause.
How can I request computers for our program?

We’d be thrilled to help. The computers we provide require an in-person pickup at our Rochester, NY location. If that isn’t a problem please complete this form and we’ll be in touch for next steps.

How can a non-profit organization use the computer from Shift2? Can it be given directly to a person or family they support?

The computers we provide may be used for administrative purposes (to upgrade/update existing office computers), for mission-focused programs or to provide directly to your program participants to keep in their home. Shift2 wants your non-profit organization to utilize this technology as it could best support your mission.  Please note: you will have these devices to keep. They are for your organization to use for the remainder of the computer’s lifespan.

Is there a program fee or cost for each computer requested by an organization?

Shift2 has a modest program fee for each computer we distribute to an organization. This covers our operational expenses incurred during the refurbishment process.

The program fee is $100 per device (laptop or desktop) which includes our costs for our hard drive wiping software, certificate of data destruction, Microsoft Windows 10 license, and refurbishment time per computer. Each laptop is paired with a charger and desktops have all necessary cords along with a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

What software is installed on the computers provided to the community organizations?

Shift2 installs the Windows10 operating system with Microsoft citizenship licenses, as part of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program. This license requires the refurbished computer to be distributed to an educational institution, non-profit organization or individual recipient who meets low-income parameters (receiving state benefits based on need).

Our Mission

Shift2 (formerly known as The Shore Foundation) is a non-profit organization in Rochester, NY with a mission to maximize the usefulness of existing technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives, the community and the environment.

By repurposing computers originally used by businesses, Shift2 plays a vital role in equipping community members with the tools they need to stay connected, unlock their potential, and succeed in this digital age. Additionally, the organization is dedicated to responsible recycling unusable technology, recognizing the significance of reclaiming metals and rare earth elements critical for the production of devices in the future.