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About Shift2

Shifting the impact of used technology

Our Mission

Shift2 is a non-profit organization in Rochester, NY with a mission to maximize the usefulness of existing technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives, the community and the environment.

We provide quality, used-business computers to organizations and charitable causes.

Our focus isn’t just about the number of devices we distribute but what that technology can do when it shifts from being an internal-used corporate computer to being in the hands of it’s next owner.

Computers are critical to fully-participate in the world today. So many “basic” life activities are accomplished on a digital device: online banking, submitting job applications, telemedicine appointments, online shopping, sending emails, video calling, checking weather apps, digital currency payment, and beyond. At Shift2 we want to share the impact of the distributed devices, not just the sheer quantity of computers provided.